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 Crisalida will be piloting a Single Session Clinic, Monday nights. To enquire or refer, please phone Marisa on 03 9484 6299, or email

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What is Single Session Intervention?

A ‘Single Session Intervention’ is a longer than usual initial appointment with two clinicians and as many members of the family as possible. Often families find that the difficulties experienced by one person affects everyone in some way. We ask for the household to attend so we can brain storm solutions together. During the appointment we will discuss your current concerns and goals for the future and we will attempt to achieve as much as possible in this session. You will be provided with some initial feedback and recommendations to go away and try.



What does it involve?

It involves pre-session contact with the family, a questionnaire to bring to the appointment, a one and a half-hour long appointment, and post-session phone-call. During the Single Session, the aim is to focus on the family’s priority of the most pressing concern.
If, at follow up, both client and therapist agree that further contact would be useful, the family is then offered either another single session, or the option of returning for further assessment with a clinician at Crisalida. Even if clients find the one session to provide enough help for the time being (this happens about half the time), clients can re-contact the service at any time in the future for further help.

How might it be helpful for you?

Clients and their families have found this process to be responsive and helpful. Families will have the opportunity to receive reflections and feedback from two clinicians, both of whom will have different theoretical backgrounds and skills to offer. A study by Boyan (1996), in a follow-up of 38 families, found that 81% of these families indicated that their single session was helpful, and 78% indicated that the problem that they had sought therapy for was ‘much improved’ or ‘a little improved’. Qualitative data suggests that families frequently valued the strategies and advice provided and the opportunity to talk and be listened to during their single session. *

Clinicians and families have reported to find it a collaborative and respectful way to work. Research results indicate that Single Session Interventions can be very effective at reducing the presenting problem and at increasing the family’s sense of coping (Campbell, 1999)**.

*Boyan, P. (1996) Clients’ perceptions of single session consultations as an option to waiting for family therapy. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 17, 85-96.

**Campbell, A. (1999) Single Session Interventions: An Example of Clinical Research in Practice. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 20 (4)183-194.

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