Emotion Regulation Workshop for Kids aged five to 12.

Does your child:

– Find it hard to identify their feelings?

– Struggle to calm down?

– Have issues with anger or tantrums?

– Experience anxiety?

– Need to develop some skills to manage their emotions?

This three-day workshop focuses on:

Session 1: – Understanding emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations

                    – Learning to identify emotions

Session 2: – Learning emotion regulation skills and strategies, such as mindfulness and self-soothing

Session 3: – Continuing to developing emotion regulation strategies

                     -Kids will be asked to bring along a shoe box they can use to create a ‘Calming Kit’

Parents will be asked to attend the last ten minutes of each session. They will be provided with resources and feedback on their child’s progress.

Potential benefits of the program are:

 Improved wellbeing

 Improved understanding of emotions

 Learning to self-regulate

 Mindfulness skills

 Strategies for dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions

Crisalida Psychologists run the emotion regulation workshop, which are designed for children aged between five- to 12-years-old. The workshop will focus on teaching children emotion regulation skills through creative activities. This workshop will be conducted in a group setting of four to ten participants.


If interested in being added to the workshop, please contact Crisalida Reception on 9484 6299 or email admin@crisalida.com.au