Adolescent Groups

Crisalida regularly runs a range of groups for teens called BE CONFIDENT BELONG with Jane Maher

This group is is for secondary school teens
– with peer difficulties
– who want a confidence booster
– are on the outside of friendship groups
– are in weak position/s in friendship groups
– are not fitting in and don’t know what to try next
– are school refusing because of friendship issues
– who have been bullied, teased or cold shouldered by peers
– who don’t seem to get how to hang out socially
– who have moved around a lot (relocation fatigue)
– are struggling with primary to secondary transition
– who feel like they don’t belong and becoming withdrawn
– who feel shy
– who think that nothing will help

This group give teens:

– a safe space to be with others their own age
– a safe space to express themselves
– a base to venture out from
– a safe place to be themselves
– a place to test out their ideas with others
– peers to compare themselves without criticism
– a space express the yuk things that have happened
– a space to focus on their other goals
– a way to regain their confidence and belong
– an experience of being worth having as a friend

To join this group, a pre-program meeting will be required. In this meeting the young person and parents can find out about what the group is like:

• They can make sure it is right for them
• They can get to know Jane
• They can find out that everyone is nervous at least a bit in their first group
• They can find out if this group is right for them
• They can work out what their goal is for doing the group with Jane’s coaching
• They can work out what their plans are to achieve their goal
• They can work out together how they want Jane to coach them in the group.
• They can decide to just come to one session to try it out – NO obligations!

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