School holiday group programs for preschool, primary and secondary students
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Who are the groups for?

They are for children and teens with difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

  • Making and/or keeping friends

    Catch and connect in friendship group

  • Negotiating conflict in a helpful, safe way
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Playing games with others and following rules
  • Increasing their friendship group
  • Regulating their behaviour or feelings – anxiety, anger, worry, etc.
  • Being rigid or, alternatively, too unstructured with play.

Friendship group goals include:

  • Helping children and teens recognise and expand their social skills through practicing and exploring friendship options and choices
  • Facilitating emotional self-expression, assertive communication and confidence
  • Providing fun, co-operative group experiences, with lots of sensory-motor and play activities for younger children, and discussion, coping strategies and problem-solving for older children/teens.


Typically two therapists/support staff run the one-hour group sessions with a small group of 4-8 participants. There are structured activities, such as ‘joining in’ games, ball games, drawing, music, art, play, relaxation, games, and some talking/discussion activities. Role-plays and videoing are also used for practicing and experiencing new skills. Assertive communication and self-regulation are promoted. Parents do not attend the sessions, but receive brief verbal feedback at the end of sessions. For a fee, we can provide a written summary/report and/or formal parent feedback about your child’s strengths/weaknesses and recommendations for home/school or kinder.


  • For new clients interested in the holiday program, a 50 min, individual pre-group assessment session is necessary prior to commencing. This will cost $160 for those without a Mental Health Care Plan (read more about these plans in the next point below) and, for those with a plan, a $60-$70 gap payment applies. For NDIS- and FAHCSIA-funded clients a pre-group meeting will be $170-$180 due to the greater complexity and resources involved in supporting these children.
  • Medical practitioners can refer to Crisalida therapists Annabelle Griffin or Melissa Bryan (or other named relevant therapist) under a Mental Health Care Plan for group therapy and individual therapy, which will cover group attendance and a 50 min, individual pre-group assessment session. Book a double session with your GP to ensure adequate time to fill in Medicare Better Access to Mental Health paperwork.
  • The cost of a HOLIDAY PROGRAM PACKAGE IS $ 380 ($95 per session for 4 sessions), or $480 ($120 per session) for FaHCSIA clients, or $468.24 ($117.06 per session) for NDIS clients.
  • Parent and/or teacher feedback session costs are the same as the pre-group assessment sessions detailed above.

Term 1, 2018 dates (please note, times will be confirmed closer to the time):

January: 15, 16, 18 & 19

Often the younger children’s sessions are in the morning and older children (Grade 3 plus)/teens groups are in the afternoon, however these may alter as needed. Groups go ahead on a ‘numbers’ basis – sometimes groups book out 4 weeks prior to commencement, and sometimes groups do not go ahead if there is not enough of that age group registered.

Registration and payment:

Please complete a registration form (6A – CRISALIDA Group Registration Form) AND arrange full payment during the term before, at least two weeks prior to the group commencing to guarantee your child’s place, and to ensure staffing. Payments can be made over the phone via credit card; cash/EFT also possible. A 100% reimbursement will occur if program attendance is cancelled 2 weeks prior, OR if that group does not go ahead due to numbers.

Crisalida provides groups on a package basis, which involves committing to, paying for, and attending all group sessions in a “block” i.e. each of the 4 sessions for friendship groups run in the school holidays or each of the 5 sessions during term. If an individual group session is missed, the cost is not refunded, as you are paying for the program to be planned, staffed and run in its entirety.