Drumming to a shared beat in group therapy


In-term friendship group programs for preschool, primary and secondary students

Who are the groups and/or individual sessions for?
The group sessions assist children and young people, who may
be experiencing one or more of the following challenges:
• Difficulty making or keeping friends
• Difficulty negotiating conflict in a helpful and safe way
• Low self esteem/confidence
• Difficulty being assertive and communicating clearly
• Trouble playing games with others and following rules
• Wanting to have more friends but not knowing how
• Difficulty regulating their behaviour or feelings, such as anxiety, anger, or worry
• Becoming too rigid or too unstructured with play.

Goals of the Friendship Group are to:
• Help children and young people recognise and expand their social skills by using the group as a place to practice and explore a number of options and choices they have with friendships
• Facilitate emotional self-expression, assertive communication and confidence
• Provide ‘fun’ co-operative group experiences, with lots of sensory-motor and play activities for younger children and discussion, coping strategies and problem-solving for adolescents.

How are the groups run?
The groups are run by two therapists/support staff. A group session consists of a 60 minute group with a small group of children/young people. The groups consist of some structured activities – ‘joining in’ games, ball games, drawing, music, art, play, relaxation, games and some talking/discussion activities. Role plays and videoing are also used for practicing and experiencing new skills. Assertive communication and self-regulation is promoted. Parents do not attend the sessions, but receive regular verbal feedback. The program may provide a written summary or formal feedback at the conclusion of program detailing your child’s/young person’s strengths/weaknesses and recommendations for home/school.

• Medical Practitioners can refer to Crisalida – Melissa Bryan under the Mental Health Care Plan for Group Therapy. Book a double session with GP to ensure adequate time to fill in paperwork.
• A PREGROUP ASSESSMENT ($70 for 30 min and $140 for 60 min) for new clients is necessary prior to joining a program.
• PROGRAM PACKAGE IS $ 360 ($90 each session/4 sessions) or $450 ($90 each session/5 sessions) depending on the length of the school term. PARENT AND/OR TEACHER FEEDBACK SESSION after the term program will be held if requested ($70 for 30 min and $140 for 60 min).

Please contact Crisalida for information on Groups happening at any given time. Groups are on Monday- Saturday, with preschooler groups taking place during the day and groups for primary and secondary aged children after school hours e.g. 4pm or 5pm.

PLEASE FILL IN A REGISTRATION FORM (download Form 6A from ) AND PLEASE ARRANGE FULL PAYMENT OF $360/$450 at the start of the program OR paying in two instalments – one payment halfway through the program, and final payment at the end. Payments can be made over the phone via credit card; cheque/cash/EFT also possible.

Enquire now

Crisalida provides groups on a package basis which involves committing to attending all group sessions in a “block”, which includes every session for friendship groups run in the school holidays.

Cancellation policy: for each session, any non-attendance requires at least 24 hours notice to Crisalida or full fee will still be charged. Groups may not run if numbers low.