Tuning Into Kids

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting:
Emotions are for Communicating and Connecting


Tuning Into Kids is a parenting program designed to help parents/carers assist their children with social, emotional and behavioural problems using emotion coaching. Parents will develop an understanding of their child’s emotional world and learn to appropriately respond to their emotions.

Emotion control is NOT the goal. Instead, the focus is on emotion awareness, understanding and regulation to achieve one’s goals. Parents are taught to emotion coach their child through emotion tuning, and to foster the development of emotional intelligence.

This group uses discussion and modelling to:

  • Develop understanding of the factors underlying children’s emotions
  • Teach emotion regulation principles and techniques, and put these into practice by modelling, and teaching their children about emotions
  • Assist parents to get more in touch with, and to manage, their strong emotions
  • Deal with parenting issues and relationship issues as they arise
  • Recognise parent’s strengths and foster use of  their own resources

Participants: Parents of primary school aged children (prep to grade 6) with emotion regulation difficulties and problematic behaviour:

  • In groups of six or more
  • One parent willing to participate on a weekly basis for the duration of the group (six weeks in total). Both ideally should attend if available and there is a discounted rate for this.


Group Facilitators:

  • Jane Maher (Family Psychodramatist)




678 High St Thornbury Vic 3071


Cost: $90 per person per 1.5 hour group – $540 for total program, or $780 for total program for two parents/carers both attending ($130 per session for two parents/carers).

Term 2 program begins on the 17th of April for 6-8 weeks. For more information, please click the link here

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