Annabelle GriffinAnnabelle Griffin

Principal Therapist
Clinical Psychologist
MAPS – Adolescent and Young Adult Clinical Psychology at Crisalida

B.A., Grad. Dip. App. Psych., MPsych (Clinical)

Annabelle has been working with children, adolescents/young adults and their families for over 14 years. All of Annabelle’s experience has been gained in psychiatric or clinical settings, and she particularly enjoys working with adolescents and their families during the crucial years of identity development, peer influence and negotiation from child to young adult.

Annabelle provides individual therapy for young people aged 12 and up, through to adults. Annabelle utilizes a team approach with young people, identifying symptoms and difficulties, problem solving and helping clients and families to develop new and adaptive coping strategies, thoughts and behaviours. Using a combination of CBT strategies, interpersonal therapy and systemic reflection, Annabelle assists young clients to identify stumbling blocks, how they developed and how best to alter these patterns. Through this process clients and families become empowered to make changes in their life and relationships, enabling them to move forward with their development.

Annabelle also enjoys working closely with parents to provide support and strategies to cope with the impact of developmental and behavioural difficulties within their family. Of particular interest are new mothers/parents struggling with adjustment to parenthood or symptoms of Post-natal depression.

Annabelle’s Clinical training and experience ensure thorough mental health assessment, treatment and monitoring throughout the therapy process, and enable her to collaborate effectively with medical and other professionals, including Psychiatrists, Gps and teaching staff.