Jane Maher

Nurse, Counsellor and Group Therapist
Psychodramatist, AANZPA

For over 10 years Jane has provided both individual and group therapy for young people and adults who have experienced a range of difficulties and concerns. Her areas of focus and success have been in the areas of bullying, shyness, loneliness, experiences of isolation and disconnection,
eating disorders and parental mental illness.

Jane rolls her sleeves up with the people she works with. Her approach is informed by the integration of many years of training and supervision at the Australian College of Psychodrama, establishment and delivery of the CHAT Social Skills Peer Support Program at the Centre for Adolescent Health and certification in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychiatry at Mindful. Her Psychodrama Thesis called Friends are the Best Medicine is on her individual and group work with socially isolated adolescents.

Individual sessions and group programs are offered to young people and adults who want to resolve concerns and explore interests; to enjoy greater experiences of self acceptance, acknowledgment and understanding, clarity of self and others and to integrate greater creative and spontaneous expression in their everyday lives.

For further information please go to evolvingroles.com.au or E: jane.maher@crisalida.com.au