FullSizeRender (10)Kelly Richardson

Art Therapist

Kelly is an Art Therapist who works with children, adolescents and families, providing both individual and group art based therapeutic intervention.

Her sessions are experiential during which creative processes are introduced as a way of exploring and working through issues of concern – by empowering individuals to freely express themselves through creative portals while developing coping strategies. Kelly has worked with clients experiencing mental health issues and going through addiction recovery. Art Therapy works well as a complimentary therapy to support individuals who have been through, or are going through therapeutic treatments with other psychological specialists.

Kelly has also worked within specialty education and community services where she has gained much valued experience working with children and adolescents on the autistic spectrum and those with varying physical and intellectual disabilities. Kelly uses artistic interventions as a way to build pathways in communication, social interaction and self-expression. Often when verbal language is limited visual and symbolic language becomes a person’s chosen form of communication. Developing these communication pathways can often lead to decreased behavioural patterns. Sessions become an exploration of these visual and symbolic modes of communication to identify and expand upon clients uniquely developed forms of expression.