Meike Mackenzie photo for WebsiteMeike Mackenzie

Early Childhood Specialist and DIR / Floortime Play Therapist

B.A., Grad.Dip (Early childhood), Master of Early childhood, Cert.Adv. DIR/Floortime

Meike is an early childhood specialist and DIR/Floortime play therapist, with over 15 years experience working with children. Meike has a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood), Master of Early Childhood Education and has also completed three courses on DIR/Floortime intervention which qualify her as an Advanced DIR/Floortime Provider.

Meike provides fun, play-based DIR/Floortime sessions that can help children who need support engaging in play, engaging warmly with others, communicating verbally and through gestures, prolonging attention span and building warm reciprocal relationships with peers and adults. DIR/Floortime is a play-based early intervention method which takes a holistic view of the child’s strengths and needs and works to foster the child’s development through fun and engaging play.
As part of her Master of Early Childhood Education, Meike completed a research project investigating ways in which children with Autism can be included in mainstream early childhood education. Meike found that when staff embrace diversity and modify the early childhood environment to suit all children’s strengths, interests and needs, inclusion of all children can be facilitated. This project lead Meike to have a passion for inclusive early childhood education – of which she is an advocate. Meike provides assistance to teachers who are including children with diverse abilities in mainstream inclusive early childhood settings.

Meike’s DIR/Floortime sessions and inclusive education support services can both be claimed as part of the governments Helping Children with Autism initiative.