p-melissa-headshotMelissa Bryan

Registered Occupational Therapist
Approved Mental Health Provider
Approved FaHCSIA Provider

Ba.App.Sci(OT), Ma.App.Sci(OT)

Melissa practices as a paediatric, adolescent, adult and mental health Occupational Therapist. She provides full Developmental Assessments, assessing and treating Gross/Fine Motor Co-ordination Skills, Handwriting, Sensory Processing, and Social-Emotional functioning. Assessment may include comprehensive written reports with clear and practical recommendations and strategies for home, school, university and/or work. Melissa provides regular educational consultations and training, and liaises closely with educational facilities. Melissa has a special and longstanding interest in working with children, adolescents and adults with Aspergers Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. She is part of the Developmental Assessment Team at Crisalida, assessing and treating children/adolescents/adults, and working closely with Psychologists and Speech Pathologists at Crisalida, as well as external community referrers/team.

In addition, Melissa is registered with Medicare as a Mental Health Provider. She provides Child and Adolescent Counselling for 4-23 year olds who are struggling socially, emotionally and/or behaviourally; or who present with mild to significant anxiety, depression, stress, attention deficit disorder, poor emotional regulation and/or other mental health difficulties.

Therapy sessions are developmentally and family sensitive, and provide a safe space to explore issues verbally and/or through play; to explore and practice alternative options for social, behavioural and emotional self-regulation; to improve self-esteem and self-confidence in relevant areas (eg. handwriting, sports skills, social skills, attentional/organisational skills, emotional/behavioural regulation skills). Melissa co-facilitates regular Group Therapy sessions with other therapists in the Crisalida team – she believes groups are a powerful way of facilitating growth and change (eg. Friendship Groups, Games Groups for Teens with Aspergers).

E: melissa.bryan@crisalida.com.au