Social Groups for Teens who Stutter

  • Meet others like you
  • Speak the Challenge
  • Break out – Do Prep
  • Get it off your chest

What we do in the group is:

  • relax, chill, hang out
  • do art, talk, write
  • chat, hear, meet friends
  • grow, express, plan
  • laugh, sing, give each other support,
  • and have FUN

Jane Maher is an experienced leader there to help you:

  • fee safe
  • feel accepted
  • relax and free up
  • enjoy expressing yourselves
  • feel connected
  • get stuff off your chest
  • prep for presentations
  • know you’re not alone
  • have fun together
  • talk about the stuff you want to talk about

Weekly Groups possible depending on numbers.

$90 per group

Crisalida, 678 High St Thornbury

Group Leader:

Jane Maher –  Groups and Families Therapist

Register your interest with Crisalida on 9484 6299 or

Enquire now to Crisalida for more details