Crisalida Services

Occupational Therapy

crisalida-20Crisalida occupational therapists (OTs) support individuals and families to develop meaningful relationships and purposeful occupations through activities, play and skill-building. Occupational therapists help develop skills (physical, emotional and psychological), enhance confidence, and generate motivation to participate and cope better with educational, work and home demands.   Therapy is fun and engaging, often involving play, drama and art.  Two sensorimotor gyms promote development in an active and enjoyable way.  Many of our OTs are also mental health-trained and offer creative, specialised techniques to support children, adolescents and adults to feel happier and more confident.

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Clinical and Developmental Psychology

crisalida-9Crisalida psychologists help children, adolescents, adults and families to manage difficulties in a safe and supportive manner. They help clients to develop effective coping strategies and problem-solving skills, and to set realistic goals/expectations . Psychologists help people cope with traumatic and stressful events, and to adjust to life’s challenges.

Learning how to better manage and balance personal, relationship, educational, and work demands in a collaborative, sensitive and thoughtful way is an integral part of therapy at Crisalida.

Our psychologists are also trained to provide thorough mental health assessments and interventions, as well as cognitive assessments.

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Speech Pathology

Crisalida speech pathologists support language development in a creative, fun and playful environment. Activities that stimulate receptive, expressive and pragmatic language are used to increase people’s skills and confidence.  Our speech pathologists specialise in early intervention and work closely with families to assist children to communicate more effectively.  This involves promoting listening, comprehension, assertive communication and social skills.

Speech pathologists also work creatively with adolescents and adults to enhance communication skills and support effective communication and associated confidence.

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Family Therapy

crisalida-19Crisalida family therapists use a strength-based approach to help families develop effective new ways of being together.  Evidence-based interventions may include working with the whole family, parents, siblings and/or extended family. Narrative therapy, psychodrama, structural, strategic and solution-based strategies may be used to enhance relationships, promote effective communication, develop different perspectives, and create positive changes in family relationships.

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Psychodrama Therapy

At Crisalida, psychodrama is a powerful and invigorating approach used for individuals, families and  in groups.  It liberates spontaneity and creative capacities, offering new responses to old problems, “good-enough” responses to challenging situations, and improved flexibility in work and play situations. Psychodrama promotes vitality and reveals the uniqueness of each person. Group members enjoy a space of deep trust, enhancing the capacity of each and all members to grow. Individual and group sessions for children, adolescents, adults, groups and families are available.

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Group Therapy

crisalida-96Crisalida group therapists support individuals to develop social confidence, enhance relationships and increase happiness in work and educational settings.  Groups offer a supportive and safe way to improve social, emotional and psychological functioning. Participating as a group member offers a unique way to develop skills, to try out new ways of doing things and to feel less isolated.

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The majority of Crisalida therapists bring many years of experience and professional knowledge and expertise in their field of work, and are available to provide professional supervision sessions to the wider community.

Training and Seminar Programs

Crisalida therapists offer a large range of educational training programs for professionals, educational services and workplaces.  Regular in-house workshops and seminars are open to the community.