Child therapy session

Child therapy session

Psychologists assess and treat individuals presenting with a range of social, emotional and psychological (mental) health issues. They consider the needs of the person in the context of the family, educational setting, and/or workplace and develop therapeutic strategies and tools to help clients alter their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  The goals of psychological assessment and therapy are unique for each client, and are developed by the client and therapist in collaboration. Psychologists may assess and treat the cognitive, emotional, psychological, intra-personal and interpersonal functioning of the child, adolescent or adult.

Adult therapy session

Adult therapy session

Assessments may involve standardised, structured tools and interviewing, as well as experienced Clinical Observation. Interventions are evidence-based and may include individual, family and/or group therapy.

Psychology Services at Crisalida

Psychologists at Crisalida work with children, adolescents, families and adults.  All Psychologists at Crisalida are Registered Mental Health providers with Medicare and registered with private health insurance funds.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology services for adolescents, adults, children and families provided at Crisalida may include:

  • Clinical Psychiatric Assessment of chronic and acute mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, dysthymia, psychotic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, adjustment difficulties/disorders, and personality issues/disorders
  • Individual Psychotherapy and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the above conditions
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Counselling: individual assistance to develop realistic goals, problem-solve strategies and improve confidence, self-esteem and general functioning
  • Group therapy for adolescents presenting with similar issues and goals
  • School, University or Workplace Consultation/Training as required
  • Psychiatric Consultation with Primary Care Providers

Developmental Psychologist

Developmental Psychology services for children, adolescents, adults and families provided at Crisalida may include:

  • Developmental Assessments, including structured and non-structured assessment and observation and interviewing
  • Autism/Aspergers Syndrome Assessments, as part of Team Assessment with Speech Pathologist/Occupational Therapist
  • Cognitive/Educational Assessments for children/adolescents
  • Parent support/therapy
  • School Consultation/Training as requested
  • Individual therapy for anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, trauma, grief and loss, social skills difficulties,
    family separation difficulties
Private Health Insurance Funds may provide partial rebates. Medicare Rebates may be applicable if a Medical Practitioner (GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist) refers to Crisalida and relevant therapist – either a Mental Health Plan (individual and/or group therapy), Autism Plan or Enhanced Care Plan, as determined appropriate by you and referrer. Please book a double session with GP to enable time for paperwork to be completed.
100% cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice give. Medicare and FaHCSIA do not cover cancellation fees.